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Summer Race League, Gloucester
17th October 2014

Schools Race, Telford
16th October 2014

Welsh & BARSC Indoor Championships, Chill Factore
27th-28th September 2014

Saturday: Individual & International Team Duals

Sunday: Club Team Duals

Welsh & British Outdoor Championships, Pontypool
13th-14th September 2014

Saturday: Welsh

Sunday: British

Anglo-Welsh & British Indoor Championships, Chill Factore
6th-7th September 2014

All England Outdoor Championship, Norwich
30th-31st August 2014

Saturday: Indiviuals

Sunday: Teams

BIGP#5 and Indoor Euro Championship, Castleford
16th-17th August 2014

Southern Area Club National, Southampton
20th July 2014

GBR Indoor Series races 5 and 6, Chill Factore
12th-13th July 2014



GBR Outdoor Series race 6, Gloucester
6th July 2014

ERSA Club National, Welwyn
4th July 2014

Midland and Gloucester Club Nationals
28th-29th June 2014

Saturday: Midland

Sunday: Gloucester

Manchester GBR Race
22nd June 2014

Norfolk Club National
21st June 2014

Glasgow GBR Race and Scottish Championship
14th-15th June 2014

Sunderland Club National and GBR Races
7th-8th June 2014

Saturday: CN

Sunday: GBR

Pontypool GBR Race
18th May 2014


Castleford BIGP/GBR Races 10th-11th May 2014



Pendle Club National and GBR Races
3rd-4th May 2014

Saturday: CN

Sunday: GBR

Telford and Manchester Club Nationals, 26th-27th April 2014

Saturday: Telford

Sunday: Manchester

SSW Champery Slalom, Gloucester
8th March 2014

Morning Indiviuals

Afternoon Team Duals

Excel Race, Pontypool
8th March